New Github action details not showing

Hey to all! :slight_smile: I’ve just set up GitHub action with help of waka-readme-stats, but I can’t access it’s details :frowning:

My profile repo actions show new action, but when I click on the name, there are no details of this action and I can’t run it :confused:

Can you offer some help here? :slight_smile:

Meanwhile there is:

The configured events are:

    - cron: "0 0 * * *"

which means the workflow will run daily at midnight, or if you trigger it manually:


According to the screenshot you shared, it means the workflow has never been trigged to generate at least one workflow run, or the previous workflow runs had been deleted.

After the workflow was triggered, the workflow runs will be listed on the page.

Thanks guys for your help, it’s indeed working as expected :slight_smile: