New feature request on adding a SLA dropdown next to Reviewers label in a PR

Would like to request github to kindly consider my feature request described below.
It will be a dropdown placed somewhere next to the Reviewers label on top of PR.
Any developer creating the PR will have the option of specifying an SLA of either 12/24/48 hours for review on the PR from the reviewer(s).
If a reviewer(s) fail to respond within that period then github will automatically send a reminder to the reviewer for review every x hours till they respond with a review comment or approve or reject the PR.
In service organizations like ours where in a monthly audit the QA department usually looks for number of review comments on PRs among other metrics as a measure of good review and a cause to pull up Tech leads / Module leads , they can also look for this new metric on how many times SLAs were met or exceeded in PRs.