New Dimmed Dark

New Dimmed Dark look great, i love lower contrast. It’s improvement for my eyes :wink:

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overall this is still too dark for me

I love the new dimmed dark theme! But texts have bad contrast, so it would be nice if those could get brighter to make it easier to read.

The Dark theme is good. Perhaps not perfect, but good. The dimmed dark theme feels like I’ve just been to the eye doctor, or had a thin veil placed in front of the monitor. Good idea, perhaps, but more research or fine tuning needed.

I like the Dimmed Dark but the something needs to be done with the text color scheme.

Right now it’s mostly somewhat light grey on somewhat dark grey.

I use dark mode - I’m also using Edge’s experimental global dark mode (although I did disable it temporarily to make sure it wasn’t interfering with the “Dimmed Dark” mode).

“Dimmed Dark” seems brighter to me than “Dark Mode” - for instance the prominent grey background as compared to the much darker charcoal in “Dark Mode”. Personally, I don’t like it. But that’s OK, it’s not unattractive it’s just not dark enough for my taste. I’m sure others will love it, and skimming the feedback here it’s clear that many do.

I’d consider a rebranding though. This isn’t “Dimmed Dark” mode (e.g., “darker than Dark Mode”), this is “Dimmed” dark mode (e.g. “Dark Mode lite”). Unfortunately English has lots of ambiguities and this is one of them, and it can lead to confusion.

I like the colors of Dark Reader much more, they look more pleasant to me.

I’m really happy that you added ‘Dimmed Dark’!
The ‘default dark’ was too contrast for me.

The Dark Theme is well done, contrast is good, easy on the eyes. The dimmed dark mode however lacks good contrast, and at least for older eyes, will lead to eye strain with prolonged viewing. It would be nice if you could work on the contrast and perhaps darken (or saturate) the background a bit more.


Hi all :wave:

Thanks so much for jumping into the Community and providing feedback. :tada:
Welcome to our first-time posters, we are happy to have you here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Big fan of Dark Mode!
Thank you!:clap:
@AliChraghi your profile picture color would be a neat txt color.

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thanks :slight_smile:

Dimmed Dark is a great idea and already better than the regular dark mode, but I agree that text contrast could use some improvement.

Also, it would be nice if there was an option to have it enabled between certain times as I always have MacOS in dark mode but I only prefer that for apps during the day, not for websites.

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