New Dimmed Dark

I think dimmed dark is not a real dark mode because the texts are difficult to see and I do not like that.


Yeah, I just wanted to create topic about that. I like the idea but the contrast is a little bit too low, which makes it hard to read.


Oh I Love the dimmed mode, i think the dark mode is a little too dark and i love dark themes.
However i will admit the light grey heading text could perhaps be a little lighter to bring the contrast up and make it a little more legible


I’m a big fan of dimmed dark. I felt my eyes immediately relax when I turned it on. Five stars in my book!


the contrast felt a bit too low on the dimmed dark, perhaps some sort of option in between the two would be good

I actually prefer the gray background of dimmed dark mode so the background is not completely black to reduce my eye strain when looking at high contrast between black and white.


I dont like Dimmed Dark - the contrast is a little bit too low, which makes it hard to read.


I don’t like Dimmed Dark either - I can’t see the letters.
It’s like something foggy


I like the idea of having the option to choose a lower contrast theme. Enabling choice is always a plus in my book.
What I would have expected, however, was a lower brightness :sweat_smile:
When I go from X to dimmed X, I don’t want it to get brighter ^^

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Yes, the letters are foggy for me too. It’s like everything is washed out. I like the idea of a less dark theme, but I’m staying with the dark theme for now.


The pages didn’t load properly on me so I switched back to the dark theme.

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Looks great to me. I’d echo the many past requests to consider themes based on Ethan Schoonover’s excellent Solarized palette. That’d give you two new schemes: one light, one dark.

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The contrast is so low I was sitting there waiting for it to load. I like that they’re experimenting but I’d much prefer something with more contrast (my preference would be solarized dark but normal dark is good for now, OLED black would be cool too)


I actually like it. I felt it was more comfortable to the eye than the dark, and it is always to have another option to choose from.

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As someone who was vocal about my dislike of the old dark theme, the new dimmed dark theme is really nice.

A #000000 bg theme with #FFFFFF text would be nice. For now i use ‘Dark Reader’


I like it because it matches a lot of the dark dimmed like green/white text linked site themes I already use. Easy on the eyes!

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Thanks a lot for the new dimmed dark theme. Way to go!

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On my machine the Dimmed Dark theme is like a video game where you’ve turned up the gamma to make it less dark.

I’m finding the text contrast on dark, dimmed is way too low, especially when reviewing code. It’s better than the default dark mode, which was really ugly, but it’s still not usable for day to day work.