New codespaces are consistently 'crashing'

My usual codespace died when my C++ build used too much memory (which is unfortunate), so I created a new one - and now any new codespace I create does not finish creation and goes into a reconnect loop, like this:

You can see that it has not finished initialisation because it opens up once it does. This effectively locks me out of Github codespaces, which is a bit concerning :slight_smile:

What could be going wrong?

Hey! Apologies to hear you ran into these issues. Are you still hitting this initialization problem when trying to connect to new Codespaces? If so, does it occur for every repo you try to open in a Codespace? I’m not able to repro this issue, and so I’m just curious if there’s something related to the C++ repo you’re using, that we need to investigate.

Yeah, just the C++ one. I tried it again and it got stuck on creation:


That said it worked the next time afterwards - and this is after a multi-day wait.

That said, compiling in the workspace is still dangerous, it runs out of memory. Looks like this time it shut down instead of going into a loop.