New button for fork approval, but what about secrets?

Now that every commit on a community PR needs to be looked at by maintainers and approved in order for the Actions workflows to run, shouldn’t it then also add the repo secrets?

Or if that’s too risky/unexpected, maybe add a little chevron to the approve button where you can select “Run workflow with repo secrets”?
Or add a section to the repo secrets settings where you can add secrets that are allowed to be ran on community forks upon approval.

Main use case is acceptance tests, which require (non-critical, but still sensitive) secrets to run. Would like to include those workflows in my branch protection settings as a required check.

Ah, looked at the new docs now, and the approval button will go away when a community contributor gets their first PR merged. So never mind my suggestion.

But my use case is still unsolved. Guess I’ll have to roll my own workflow that looks for PR comments by maintainers in the form of /approve-ci <commit SHA> and triggers an acceptance tests workflow with that fork commit.