New & Awesome Badge, A Message Of Thanks!

the new Arctic Code Vault Contributor badge is really awesome, hoping for more badges that GitHub gives

thanks a lot GitHub!


We’re happy to hear that you like your new badge, @xdvrx1! :smile: We have plans to increase visibility in our member contributions. I’d love to get your thoughts on showcasing community forum efforts and accomplishments. What would you like to see more of?


+1 to @tuves comment and thank you for sharing this post @xdvrx1 :tada: I sent a link to the team that built and launched this and they loved it :heart_eyes_cat:


yup, I requested to add several badges for legitimate accomplishments but there was no reply anymore for several months. Right now, there are external services doing such but still it is really different when a badge was given by GitHub. One example of that is the GitHub Stats, an external ranking that can be displayed on our profiles that ranks us according to commits, pull requests, followers, contributions to other repos. Or maybe, officially the external services offered can be acquired by GitHub.

As of the GitHub Community, the achievements here are not reflected on our GitHub Profile, like, for example, the Trust Level 2 Member, it can’t be seen there, maybe we can include that to appear also at the Achievements area on our GitHub Profile. It does not mean that all will appear (because too much will be messy) but I think selected 5-10 legitimate achievements. Also, the GitHub Developer Program Member is just simple words there, I think it is best seen as an elegant badge also.

And the most important one, can we also have this just like it can appear anywhere else just the Google Certification, the badge can be used as part of the email signature or on any other profile and it is not simply a badge, it’s digitally signed by Google as verified.

Thanks a lot for the response too!


Thank You for the new badge. I feel without the forum beginners would have a hard time getting started. The Forum allows us to ask our questions and get answers all most right away. This helps the person asking the question get answers, it also helps a lot more people who might be having the same problem.
Thanks again, Rhino


These are great ideas, @xdvrx1! I see the value in having a reflected profile here in the community as you would see on The stats/achievements to be displayed as well as the badge for your email signature are also great shouts. Thank you for sharing these ideas! We have a lot planned for the community, so these will definitely be kept in mind. :smile:


Thanks for the feedback, @Rhino55. What do you think would help beginners in our GitHub community get started? Would love to hear your ideas!


Great! Hope GitHub will introduce more dynamic achievement badges for open source contributors.


:eyes: That’s feedback we’re hearing from a lot of people. Thanks for sharing! Tagging @martinwoodward for visibility as he has been following this as well.

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Screenshot (857)
Yeah Looks good


Wow, Badges cool, how do I earn one?

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Personally I use github for purposes that include professional activities. While it may look cool, I don’t think it looks professional.

In my opinion switching to badges and related gamification aspects diminish github.


It would be great if you guys can integrate some functionalities of into Github so that the project maintainers can create and distribute badges if they want.

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Thank you for the feedback, @timothyclarke! Gamification is often a hot topic in online communities (pros and cons, whether we have the right audience for it, etc)–I appreciate you sharing your stance on it, as we always want to consider varying opinions across the board.

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Totally agree with you!

Thanks! It’s something that has been approached very intentionally with a dedicated team focused on the new “achievements”. Really appreciate you commenting! It looks like this is your first post – Welcome!! :blush: We’re happy to have you here!

That’s really good feedback! Thank you @timothyclarke & @c7v - Things like badges or achievements and gamification do not appeal to everyone - but it can definitely help others who are just getting started.

On this platform Discourse has some out of the box badges that we’re had going for some time. We’re evaluating how we can make these more meaningful for the GitHub community so if you have any thoughts or feedback please share! I totally get it you just don’t care about gamification though. It’ll be interesting to see if we can design it as something people can completely opt out of or hide.

Thank you both for posting! It’s really helpful to hear what works and what needs to be improved.

HI @kemicky! Achievements are pretty new on GitHub. Check out this blog for more info Open source goes to Mars :rocket: - There is a mention of “achievements” near the end of the post and a gif showing how they appear on profiles. Right now, Achievements include the Mars 2020 Helicopter Mission badge, the Arctic Code Vault badge, and a badge for sponsoring open source work via GitHub Sponsors.


@ettaboyle I think it would be really awesome if github added the Google Developer Expert badge because even though there are very few (less than a 1000) experts. Google takes them pretty seriously and I think it would be cool to have them.

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