New added jekyll pages give 404 error

I am just trying to do the most basic stuff - create two linked pages.
I followed instructions from here:
My site is at

My file shows up fine, but when I browse to …Releases/Instruct I get a 404 error. However, the file at …Releases/Test.html shows up fine.

What are I doing wrong?

Hi @adhodgson, welcome to the GitHub Support Community!

It looks like this is happening because you’ve set a permalink in that page’s front matter. As you’ve included the /Releases/ section in the link that means your page is available at the following URL:

The permalink is only required if you want to host this page at a URL that doesn’t exactly match the filename. In your case you should safely be able to delete it.

Thanks for replying. Unfortunately it did not work. I removed the permalink, waited several minutes - and I still get 404. I am giving up on jekyll. Documentation is sparse and confusing. I will build a site using raw html and css. It is a small simple site so I should be OK - and the WC3Schools documentation is great!

That’s strange! I took an exact copy of your repository and removed that section of the front matter and it worked for me. It takes around 10 minutes for a Pages site to rebuild, and another 10 to properly deploy across our CDN, so it’s likely you were still seeing and old cached version of your page.

However, pure HTML sites are just as good! Good luck with building it!