New action isn't showing

I just committed a new workflow_dispatch action to my repo (, but it doesn’t show in the actions list. I tested the exact action on a test private repo and it worked flawlessly there, so i’m not sure why it isn’t showing.

I’ve read that an action won’t show until it’s first run, but since this is a workflow_dispatch action I need to see it in the actions tab first to run it. catch 22

How did you trigger the workflow_dispatch?

Did you set the right workflow_id? like

In the test repo i triggered it from the button on the actions tab, but i don’t have that option with the public repo.

Hi @Gethe,

Glad to see you in Github Community Forum!

Please comment/delete the current trigger and add on: workflow_dispatch again. I forked your repository and it works on my side.


Oh cool, that fixed it. Thanks!