New action is not showing


I’m trying to setup actions on this repo:
The workflow is visible on the action tab, but there is no result.

The action definition looks correct, I forked the repo on my personal github ( and it’s working fine. I’ve also used the same action on another repo from the same organization and it’s also working straight away (Doctolib/uniq commit 7e3dd34 I can’t link it, I’m limited to 2 links :smiley: as I’m a new user checks are failing but that’s expected).

Is there something I missed on the action definition? What can I do to have a functional workflow on that first repo?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Maybe I can add the third link here, if anyone is interested :

@ThHareau ,

You can try to check with the following steps to see if the problem can be solved:

  1. Change the workflow name.
  2. Change the workflow file name.
  3. Push a commit to try to trigger the workflow.
  4. Delete and recreate a new workflow.

I realized I never came back! So the solution was changing the workflow name. Thanks a lot.

To be fair, I don’t understand why it worked, because I’m sure I tried in a PR before closing it 🤷