Network Graph not visible

Issue :- repository network graph not visible

Repository :- GitHub - codinasion/codinasion: An open source codebase for sharing programming solutions.

Issue at :- Network Graph · codinasion/codinasion · GitHub

Even in light mode


just now, I visited it, it seems okay

Although it seems another user is reporting that they don’t have the issue, I also still experience the same issue now. This is not a specific problem to the OP’s repository, but the problem happens in every repository on GitHub. I confirmed the problem both in Google Chrome 98.0.4758.82 and Firefox 97.0.1 in Windows 10 (19042.1526). I can also see other several users are reporting the issue on Twitter (search).

Thanks for checking this out.

But for me, the issues is still not solved.

I tried dark mode, light mode, logged out, chrome, brave, incognito. But nothing worked for me.

dark dimmed,

dark default

dark high contrast

even in Incognito, without any cached data, not signed-in

maybe it’s the at the user end, not on GitHub side, like security and computer restrictions or slow ISP and / or low on memory

I now noticed that the problem is actually not correctly described in the original post. Actually, the height of canvas where the graph is shown is collapsed. The height settings of canvas (both the attribute height and the inline style style.height) are set to something unusual values like 26px. I can change the value in the DOM inspector, but the values will soon be reset to these unusual values when the window size is changed.

It seems the same issue has also been reported at Network Graph Bug · Discussion #12061 · github/feedback · GitHub yesterday.

maybe it’s the at the user end, not on GitHub side,

The problem has started recently around yesterday or the day before yesterday, and at the same time several users have started to report the same issue, so I don’t think this is the issue of the environment of each user. It’s natural to guess this is related to the change at the GitHub side.

security and computer restrictions or slow ISP and / or low on memory

I don’t have any idea how this can be related to security, computer restrictions, slow ISP, and memories. If something in the users’ environment is related, that must be related to the display size and resolution, the browser window size, their aspect ratios, etc.

Also, I don’t think the color scheme is related to this problem. This is the layout issue and the color is unrelated.

I found that the problem is actually related to the font size and the height of the browser window.

The client heights for the left and right images are 760px and 745px, respectively. It seems there is a threshold between 745 and 760. This threshold value also seems to depend on the font size. Actually, with my default settings of the screen and the font, the threshold seems to be always larger than my display, so the canvas is always collapsed.

very good observation, I minimized it, then I get the same error now

so that’s it, it’s not responsive when the screen is too small, it is still at the side of the users not on GitHub

What is the minimum screen size that GitHub supports? My display size is 1900x1200 which I guess is common for laptop PC, but I still get the same problem with the font size that I usually use even when I maximize the browser window.

another good observation, because of that, I tried reloading it purely on my 14" 1080p scaled to 150%, your resolution is higher than mine but I don’t know the screen size, yet on my end, it’s not loading

so, I too, consider this as a bug, they had upgraded the Web UI to be responsive, and this one should be responsive also

you can submit it here and hopefully they will fix this

Thanks. Actually, as I have already written, it is already reported by another person at Network Graph Bug · Discussion #12061 · github/feedback · GitHub. (I was unsure about to which place I should report the problem, but now I learned that github/feedback is the place.)

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As far as I can tell, GitHub’s network graph is completely useless. It is not intended to show the graph within a repository (and doesn’t);

This issue has been fixed :slight_smile: