.NET build fails on missing response file


First I’d like to mention that I’m completely new to programming and development. Our client wants to perform automated deployment of .NET builds through Atlassian Bitbucket and Bamboo (that I’m the admin of). 

The .NET build fails with the error message: 

tsc : error TS6053: Build:File 'C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp88f53c49b8f8485594097f0585e508cd.rsp' not found. [C:\Bamboo\xml-data\build-dir\RP-RBP-JOB1\XXXXX.ResQ.App.WebApi\XXXXX.ResQ.App.WebApi.csproj]

Did some research and found that this response file can be disabled in the wrapper script conf file, which was also the case. 

Wraoper config: 

The Bamboo Agent home configuration file


Also, for the configuraiton in Bamboo, I use the MSBuild 15.0 (64-bit), VS2015 14.0.23107 with additional installed products. 

Executing the XXXX.ResQ.sln file with the following option: " /p:Configuration=“UAT” "

Any help is much appreciated. 

Thank you.