Needed help in finding depth using a 3D TOF camera

i have been trying to find depth of a object using 3d tof camera ,but with no success till now , i have been following the intsructions on this link

I could not find any other data regarding this type of camera.

Any help would be apppreciated.

Thank you

Hi @himanshuwalia,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! We’re glad you’re here.

I wanted to jump in here, and mention that if you don’t get the help you’re looking for from this particular community, you might want to try getting help somewhere that focuses on 3D TOF cameras. It’s definitely possible another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, but the GitHub Community Forum focuses primarily on topics related to GitHub, Git, and development projects hosted on GitHub. We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular topic.

The repo you linked to might even be a good place to start. It looks like they have people open issues with questions or suggestions, so you could try looking there.

Best of luck!