need to get code from github URL to work on it.

I have recently started working on Angular, looked into a project to get hands on. In Github, There is a project which I want to download and use the code and modify it but I am not sure how?


      I downloaded the zip using “Clone/Download”>Download zip button. I got an e2e type of file. Please let me know how I can open the code. Is this something to do with firebase.

      I need to download angular code from there but I found the project file structure and everything to be different. Please look into the link and suggest to me what I need to do to find out the source code.

I need a way to proceed. Help me with this  

Hi @acmedeepak,

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The source directory is called src and is inside the project, when you unzip the archive you have extract it. Maybe you loose the directory because there are a lot of files, try to create a special folder for that project and unzip there.


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