Need to be able to send video streams to our RTMP server, from our App, using NativeScript.

I have been looking for RTMP modules/clients that I can use, or integrate with NativeScript, so far I’ve gotten WebRTC modules and It’s not really what I’m looking for as it doesn’t fully satisfy our need.

I have a server already running, an RTMP server that is. A WebRTC would require a different approach as far as I know, since the already running server is also used for the web app, i understand it’s going to require me to make a lot of changes,  it might not be successful since I have already tried going that route once and ended up disabling the live streaming feature on the web, I allowed for RTMP client apps to do the job for us. 

I need help here to be able to set up a live video streaming feed for both Android and iOs.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dwarak,

Thanks for the link, not what i was looking for. Know of all of theses sites, so ended up just building our own rmtp streaming server from scratch.