Need suggestions for my python repo


i apologize if the formatting of this post is bad, i’m on my phone. so i just recently worked on this repo. i’m planning to put simple problems in this repo which are problems that are typically written long and inefficient by most people. the purpose of my repo is to prove that a problem can be solved without having to write a lot of codes.

for now, the repo only contains one solution to a problem: converting integers into words. usually people would think it’s basic. and it is. people are gonna jump the gun and think that this can be solved with multiple ranged if statements, arrays, and repetitive code. but it can be done with just one loop and can pretty much do its job of converting upto 103003 and possibly until the maximum value of integer.

people suggested me problems like determining if a value is odd/even without using if statements and number system conversions. i’m collecting suggestions from everybody. anybody can be a collaborator in my repo.

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There aren’t any repository for your account, if you create a public repository I can help.


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