Need help with verifying that i am a student for github education

Hello, I just learned of the education pack for students, and am currently trying to register for the student discount. I live in Romania, and i think there has been a little misunderstanding. When i select my the school i am at, it states that my school-issued email from there must end in . However, that suffix is the one used for another school with the same name but from another region of Romania. Therefore, i am unable to continue the process due to the fact that I cannot verify my email, since the suffix my school-issued email is required to have, corresponds to the one from another school. I also saw that you can, instead, verify that you are a student by uploading school documents, but I am unable to find that option on the website. (“Have a verifiable school-issued email address or upload documents that prove your current student status.”) This the exact information provided on the student verification page. Therefore, I need help with either fixing the confusion between the two schools with the same name and their emails, or with finding where exactly can I verify that i am a student without using a school-issued email, but instead my school-issued student documents. Thank you in advance!