Need help with the Read me

So I’m new to Github and learning how to post my code on Github. I know the importance of the Readme files but I’m struggling with the headers.

I understand there is




but when I type in the


it will literally print the “hastag Example”
Other variations didn’t help

#Example, returned “#Example

Am I missing something?

After I posted this I realized the headers are working properly in this github community but not in my Readme in GitHub…

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Hey! Can you link a specific readme?

Note that you need to add a space after the “#” which may be your problem.

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Here is the link to my repository I’m having an issue with. as you can see it is not indenting, nor doing the bullet points

Try naming your file with a .md ending, my guess is that without that it’s not recognized as markdown, and thus not rendered as such. Also, if you want it to be recognized as the README for your repository it’d help if you named it that. :wink:

Thank you, I was struggling with another private read me page, but thought this link I shared was more appropriate and contained more examples. ending the file with .md fixed everything. Thank you

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