Need help with SEO Mobile Friendly view

My website is designed by my brother and currently is designed to my liking. However, having given alot of content and UX design, my website ranking is still like page 8 on google, I have read online and they said that being mobile friendly is very important and true enough mine looks horrible. I am not really good in designing or using wordpress and I’m not sure how to do it either. He is also unavailable as he is currently serving conscription and out till 3 weeks later. Any tips on how to do it? My website is [] and [], will be truly grateful for any constructive feedbacks and tips. Thank you guys.

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I find it highly unlikely that one person owns both a flooring company and a piano company. This feels like spam in an attempt to get a link and if that is the case this is exactly why you do not rank well. Both sites look nice, have decent content, and are ok with Technical SEO but fail horribly at gaining quality links. Github Community links are useless because they use 3 rel attributes including “nofollow” and “ugc” meaning Google and other engines are unlikely to apply value to those links.

You can gain links by doing good things, creating content, and giving back. Here’s a complete list of link building tactics I have compiled:

Both sites listed are also local businesses but do not appear to have any local listings on major sites such as Yelp and Google Maps (Google My Business). This is a massive failure in today’s local SEO world. If you are genuinely asking for help, start there.

Finally the Flooring site has a LOT of red flags. It is nice looking but there are several broken pages, including the “Vinyl Flooring” page which seems to be one of the main pages and the fact that the social media icons do not actually link to anything.

The piano site still has links to Elegant Themes and WordPress and uses the Nitropack plugin known to be of little use for SEO.

All in all they are moderately decent Divi theme based websites with atrocious SEO implementation and I’m fairly certain your post here was to spam for links to the sites as some sort of SEO package sold to these companies who are unaware that you are spamming on their behalf or that such spam is entirely useless in helping them.