Need help with project projecteur

Hi, I am quite new and do not know github. Now I tried to run project projecteur (by Jahn) with the logitech Spotlight . Jahn was very helpful, but despite of this, it isn’t working. It seems, that the device is not readable. That at least was the message, when I tried the steps described in see photo

Perhaps it has something to do with udev.

And I read at that site that I need with ubuntu some modules: qml-module-qtgraphicaleffrects, qml-module-qtquick-window2 and qml-modules-qtquick2. The first and third were not found when trying to install. There I am. And now no idea left.

Anyone who knows that project and could help? Thanks a lot and regards Martin

Unless you have a very unusual mount setup the path you’re testing is wrong, and should be under /sys/devices/… instead of /devices/…, /proc/bus/input/devices just lists the path inside sysfs. If you want to know more about the file access permissions use “ls -l” instead of “test -r”.



Actually that works, the error does not appears. But besides of this, the spotlight is still not working…

No idea, what could be the problem…

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