Need help with payment solution for flutter app


I have recently started a business from scratch and I need some help. I am trying to make a payment solution for my app where you can either scan a bank/credit card or enter the card information, where it will be stored for future payments.

We were mainly hoping it would be possible for us to save all our users bank/credit card information at the bank, for safety reasons. Does anybody know if it is possible?

Are there anyone who knows flutter and possibly could help me with this? Our company is still in the early start-up phase. I really need some help to make this happen as quickly as I possibly can. I would greatly appreciate any help or support anyone could provide!

At least for the EU this is mandatory if you don’t fulfil strict regulations. I don’t know how this is for the US or other countries, but I would highly recommend you using a specialized service for that, if you have to ask about it.

So just search for a payment provider which fulfills your needs, for example