Need help with my querry

Hi everyone!

I have been using api v3 for a while. I discovered graphql just now and I think it would make my project much more efficient and allow me to access stuff I couldn’t get with v3. Although I’m struggling with creating my first queries.

What I need to get is:

Providing issue number of my repository, lets say with a name of “repoA”, I need to get:

  1. All pull requests/merges that were referenced to this issue, especially ones that came from another repository
  2. Inside this pull requests: date of creation and number of commits

Can someone help me? I would be very grateful

Something like this should do the trick:

query {
  repository(owner: "atom", name: "find-and-replace") {
    issue(number: 571) {
      timelineItems(first: 100, itemTypes: CROSS_REFERENCED_EVENT) {
        nodes {
          ... on CrossReferencedEvent {
            source {
              ... on PullRequest {
                repository {
                commits {

I hope that helps!