Need help with FullPageOS

First off, please excuse my ignorance.  I’m completely new to working with any kind of scripting and programming.  I work for a very small public library, and we try to fill in jobs as needed.  I’m attempting to turn a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ into a simple library catalog kiosk.  It only needs to access one webpage.  (!/home/). . ) Following a reddit post online, I attempted to follow these instructions  -  I failed… miserably.  After several attempts, I could never get it to work.

So, I found FullPageOS.  It boots very nicely directly to our library catalog page.  I figure that it could work for what we need, but I’m running into some glitches with it.  First, when some of the links are clicked on the catalog website aformentioned, a new window pops up with an address bar that allows users to navigate anywhere on the web.  Is there some script that could be implemented that would stop all new Chromium windows from opening?  Second, is there a way to get the forward and back buttons to appear on Chromium when it’s running in full screen mode?  Thanks for any help on this.