Need help with classes in C#

I’ve got a project in school where we should build a windows forms app.

The conditions are as follows:

One class called Clothes with the properties name and size.

One class called Stores with the properties storename, storeadress and a List<Clothes>.

You’re surposed to be able to register deliveries of clothes with a certain name and size, and register the quantity a specific store recives.

My question is how to handle the quantity. My thought were that it would be best to add the property quantity to the class Clothes, but our teather seems to think we should do it another way. Can some one please help with this.

The rest of the project I’ve got no problems with.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @viktoreen,

Thank you for being here! Can you give us more background on what you’ve tried so far?



Hi, @andreagriffiths11,

Our teacher changed the asignement in the way we said that it had to be, so now there aren’t any problems anymore.