Need help with a beginner learning project. (front end)

I cannot seem to figure out why there is some white space next to my nav bar. Any assistance would be appreciated. I’n thinking it might be a fundamental gap in my knowledge or just conflicting code. Keep in mind this is a total beginners project, please.

Hey mate,
The issue you are having is due to your bg-image maybe. Rather than using the <img> tag you can use the css tag “background-image:url()” i.e.

In css file,

    background-image:url(’<the specified url or the path to where you img is stored>’);
        cover-will stretch the img from top to bottom (without absolute)

    background-repeat: no-repeat;

Remove the <img> tag from html.

And you have kinda used header ouside the body,  but try using it inside body and then check.

Give it a try.