Need help to get stock info via API in JSON


The stock provider i intend to use for real time stock data and key metrics are providing data in JSON via API if I get this correct.

I want to get a program or a script in VBA (Excel) to get all the info of all the stocks they have. Or do I need a separate platform / program and then convert it to something Excel understand?

I can see from the Data tab that Excel is able to get JSON directly, just dont know how to do it.

Where do I start and how can it be done?

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Hi and welcome @norinvstor ,

You have to parse the JSON to let Excel understand it, but is is possible. Does this help: ?


Thank you for the reply.

I am not sure how to make a JSON program to start with. I am no programmer and have not much experience with such codes. How to build a program that get  what I want?

Kind regards


JSON isn’t a programming language. It’s just a standardized way to store information. You can read up about JSON here: .

When you receive the data in JSON, you’ll have to  parse it in order for the language you’re using to understand what it just got. The StackOverflow link I included in my previous post outlines a way to let VisualBasic parse the JSON data.

As you’ve mentioned you wanted a way to program it in Excel VBA I was wondering if that link was any helpful?