Need help to find 7 misstakes for schoolwork

I need to find 7 mistakes in this code. I have been working with this the last hour and only found

Row 1:

Row 4: utf-9 som är fel

Row 2: Never closes html.

Row 19: Dont use /

Row 7 css: There is no h1 in html

h1 is a valid HTML tag. It doesn’t make much sense to have a CSS rule for a tag that isn’t used, but it’s common to share one CSS file for multiple HTML files, and if some other HTML file uses the tag it does. :wink:

You might want to take a closer look at colors and links.

1: In css row:3 “align-items: flex-start;” won’t work unless body is defined as “display: flex”.

2: Css row: 14 p tag can’t inherit font-family as its parent tags don’t have any font-faimly .

3: Also the html tag is never closed after the body tag.

i know this was posted in Jan But still fun to find mistakes in code! lol :grinning:

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