Need help following GitHub instructions for DualShock4 on PC, gyro/trackpad support


currently I am trying to get gyro and trackpad to function when using a DualShock4 controller on PC via Bluetooth.
There’s a driver-project called ViGEm which aims to unlock all PS4-controller functionallity on PC, however gyro and trackpad isn’t included so far.
Luckily a user called Davidobot has published instructions on how to add is code to ViGEm to unlock the feature.
I am not a programmer and new to GitHub but would like to learn. So I am kindly asking for your help to compile the needed .exe to test the updates.

Davidobots instructions are written for developers and I don’t really understand them; but I guess it’s actually quite simple:

If you want to use the DS4 gyro (for PS Now or PS Remote) with Pro/Joycons, then you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s hope you’re a developer too…

  1. Build this repo, but first, you need to build ViGEm.NET because I use a special version for gyro. Compile it and install the compiled package through NuGET as a local source.
  2. Compile ViGEmBus (this version has an easier to work with .inf) but make sure to symlink/copy ViGEmClient into a folder called client as they share some headers.
  3. Before trying to install the driver, set your Windows to test mode with bcdedit /set testsigning on (since we’re not properly signing the driver)
  4. Properly sign the driver and install it .\devcon.exe install "C:\Users\<user>\source\repos\ViGEmBus\bin\x64\ViGEmBus\ViGEmBus.inf" Root\ViGEmBus (example)
  5. Run BetterJoy and enjoy your gyro :slight_smile:

Would it be ok for someone to write a noob-manual? I am already failing with the 1st step because I have no clue on how to compile something.

I would really appreciate your help!