Need help finding crypto trading bot for binance

I am here mainly to find a crypto trading bot for binance more or less I need help with the setup I am extremely new to this I know very little HTML I do have interesting coding but my main focus right now is finding a trading bot for binance and getting help with the setup can anybody please help me out all of the setup instructions that I’ve seen for the various applications on here appeared to be very vague and not detailed enough for a newbie like myself

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Hey there, i’m interested in these kind of bots please, i’m crypto investor i started investing in EOS in 2017 I started with eos from and i made 200 bucks that time because it was the golden time of bitcoin and crypto 2017 but now it worth less than how it was worth in 2017 but it still high and people still invest in it so much, i think it will explode soon and i’m sure about because i have been investing in it long years ago, other reason to grow is the virus pandemic which mean people will tend to use digital currincess. So i’m looking for bot for binance which will help to exchange between higher cryptocurrency automatically.