Need help creating release tags


I currently have two problems creating release tags. For the past couple of days I’ve been retrospectively creating release tags. My repository consists of a directory structure supporting multiple products sharing a significant amount of common core code. Each individual tag, therefore, comprises a product name followed by version number.

Yesterday, the Releases section of my repository on GitHub was listing each release nicely in alphabetical order which made it easy to find a specific product and version number. However, today I’ve added two more releases and they have just appeared at the top of the list in no particular order.

So my first two question are :   Why would this be? and is there away to sort the Releases list on Github?

My next question is related to the git command line client. Whilst creating release yesterday there were some which I’d misnamed, so I deleted them using the Delete option in GitHub. Some time later these reappeared so I tried deleting them using the following client commands

git tag -d <release tag name>                         to delete the tag locally     

git push --delete origin <release tag name>   to delete the tag from the shared repository

This seems to work for some of the release tags, but others just keep popping back when I next create another tag for a different release.

What’s going on?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @graeme-fa,

Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum.

To help answer your question, it would be helpful to see the repository(ies) in question. Is that public by chance? If so, can you share the link here?

If it’s private, I would recommend reaching out to private support, as they’ll be able to look at your account details and help further.