Need help coding a thing haha

So I’m making a visual novel and the music in the game is pretty bad because I had to make it all myself and I’m definitely not a musical person.

I wanted to code in a goof for anyone who can’t tolerate my terrible music. I want to make it so that when you mute the game, a message pops up next to it that says “I don’t blame you”. How would I code this in?

You’ll have to tell us which Visual Novel framework you are using, or other environment. I.e. there is some “mute” mechanism, and you’ll need to be able to code an action to respond to that “event”. 

So it is impossible to provide any more suggestions without a few more details.


Idk what framework means but I’m using Ren’py and Atom to code it

Sorry to be unclear. In this case, Ren’py is your “framework” - the software that supports your visual novel script.

I think, from the docs - custom GUI (see Ren’py GUI customization ) - if you look in the file “gui.rpy” or “screens.rpy”, you should be able to find the “mute” behavior. Somewhere in the files should be a “stop music” statement. At that point you could try adding a message.

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I couldn’t find any stop music statement in gui.rpy, screens.rpy, or options.rpy

maybe I don’t really know what I’m looking for but could an if else statement work to do something like that?

(I’m sorry if I’m also being unclear, I’m sort of new to coding and kind of have no idea what I’m doing haha)

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I haven’t used Ren’py myself so I’m merely making logical guesses. Unless someone else chimes in from here, you might have more luck posting in a Ren’py forum, or posting an issue in the Ren’py github project. The Ren’py home page has pointers to both.

And please post an update to let us all know how you make out!