Need clarification on GitHub Actions beta Terms and Conditions

IANAL, but I talked to one to get advice on utilizing GitHub actions for our open source project (  The “confidentiality” clauses are very intimidating and non-specific.  I have played with GitHub actions with great results, and would love to have our open source community adopt it.

The clause in particular:

“As a pre-release program participant, you may get access to special information that isn’t available to the rest of the world. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, it’s important for us to make sure that you keep that information secret.”

Referenced from [1].

As written, its very hard to know with confidence what is public versus part of the beta program, versus what is information that needs to be kept secret.

I see and respect the hype around Actions, including conference talks and tweets.  With this clause, its pretty vague, though, what can be disclosed. Words are hard, but GitHub Actions are super useful and are solving real problems for me. I could use help clarifying so I can push adoption without gaining full liability for my employer. 




[1] -


I can understand your misgivings around this. Unfortunately, we’re unable to give legal advice. We would recommend that you contact your own counsel for help in these matters.

I’m not looking for legal advice - I already received feedback on what would be needed.  I’m looking for whoever wrote the original T&C’s to add clarity so it is clear what part of the beta program is open, and what part is meant to be secret.  It is very vague right now, which unfortunately opens up liability to the end users.