NB-IoT with Arduino IDE and Google Firebase as Cloudservice

Dear Github-fellows,

I’d like to use a standalone ATMEGA328P programmed with Arduino and the SIM7020E NB-IoT module from Waveshare:

to send data to a google firebase service.

I have followed the videos that explain how it is done for the ESP8266 WiFi module:

The sending with the NB-IoT module works fine. I’d just like to have a TCP server actually. What’s the best way to setup a fileserver using google firebase?

I am also open to other solutions but the scalability of firebase seems nice.

Thank you!

Hi I am also trying to figure how to post data to Firebase using AT commands? Would like to share how it is done? I believe MQTT cannot be used and data must be in JSON format? Can just show me example on how to connect and post data to Firebase using AT commands. Thank you