Navigating to file search via the back button causes the search to not work

I have found a bug with where file name search does not work if you press the back button after opening a file from the search. To reproduce:

  1. Go to any repository and open the file name search (i.e. press the t key on Windows).
  2. Search for a file name, click on it to open that file.
  3. Press the browser back button and change your search term to something completely different. (It HAS to be a different search term.) The search will not find relevant (or any) results.
  4. Refresh the page and use the same search term that did not return results in Step 3. The search returns relevant results this time.

I have reproduced this with multiple repositories.

Looks like GitHub has addressed this issue in some way. Today, it appears that pressing the back button and changing the search term does not update the search result list, which I suppose is better than the site giving us a false negative. :slightly_smiling_face: