Navigating Github

I sometimes have trouble finding my posts when returning to CustomCSSforFx. Very confusing. In the past I discovered that due to the volume there, some posts are hidden, and must be manually uncovered, but currently I see no option to do that.

Is there not a place where i can go, in my profile perhaps, to find a list of my posts?

Also, I use the Refined Github app. Is that recommended? I’m not sure how it helps.


I’m not sure what you mean by posts. You mean posts in this Community forum? or Issues/Discussion on

I believe you mean this Chrome extensions:

I don’t know this app, but I know its creator (Sindre Sorhus) which is a well known and trusted developer on GitHub (e.g. creator of the Awesome List concept, just to mention one).

CustomCSSforFx at

If you need to sift through old Issues you have many ways to filters result, including by author, or search by keywords, plus labels. When you receive notifications for new posts in Issues which you are following, you can always bookmark the Issue in order to find it quickly for you notifications panels.

Other than that, you can always go through your activity history, but I’m not sure how far back you can go there.

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Hi @shalomcem, your request is off topic in respect to the question of the original poster. Please, start a separate thread if you need help with your project. If we start to reply to your questions here we’d be taking over @nollinvoyd’s thread, which there’s no need to.