First of all good afternoon to all of you.
I’m looking for somebody that can help me fixing the issue of the project “natm/iocontroller”.
I was in touch with Nat some months ago and he wrote me that within some days the software would have been fixed, but still today it’s at the same point and Nat is disappeared.
I would like to use this controller with my Raspberry PI that has an ARM/V7 architecture, but the controller seems to be developed only for AMD64.
I’m not a programmer, I’ve just only some basic knowledge and I’m not able to solve this issue by myself so I hope to find somebody that can help me.
Many thanks in advance !!

It looks like he was alive this weekend: fix camera URLs · natm/homeassistant-config@ce14900 · GitHub

Yes, it seems !! But probably he’s not interested to solve the issues of his project.
I’ll look forward for somebody that can do it in place of him.