Naming of the website created using GitHub Pages

Hey All at GitHub Community

I have seen many people using GitHub Pages and their overall URL is in this form -

But when I tried for the same, My URL is coming out to be as -

So, I wanted to know how I can also get a URL like that which makes it is easier for people to visit my website instead of writing long URLs?

Also, if it does matters for this problem, the repository is under an organization account.

Thank You and Waiting for a quick and ideal solution!
Animish Yadav (@AnimishY)

Hello @AnimishY,

To create a page for an organization, you need to create a repo named <organization> under that account. <organization> should be the name of your organization. This also works the same for user sites, however, <organization> should be your GitHub username and the repo needs to be created under your user account.

See Types of GitHub Pages sites for more information.

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Hello @sethclydesdale

Still a question, when I name the repo as ., do I need to include rhe brackets?

So Overall, repo name should be same as the URL I need without any /repo

Thank you

The < and > brackets are just conventional placeholders to inform you that you need to replace the sample text with your own. So, in case of <organization> you’ll have to replace <organization> with your organization name (as is, without brackets).

Also, the angle brackets characters < and > (aka less-then and greater-then symbols) are not valid URL characters, so you won’t ever find them in actual URLs: