Naming a commit file in GitHub Learning Lab

The GitHub Learning Lab bot keeps giving me this message after I’ve changed the name to the specified one:

I was expecting your file to be named _posts/

I’ve tried the following (after the message) step-wise instructions number of times and committing but the bot still gives me the same status message. Please what do you think the problem is? Or is there something I’m not doing correctly?

Hi @moyo75! I took a look, and it does appear you’ve named things correctly now. The course looks hung up on this step.

I’m going to go ahead and internally mark this step as complete. This should allow you to move on with the course. I’ll also comment in your open pull request with the next steps that the bot would post. 

Unfortunately, if that doesn’t resolve the issue, our recommendation would be to begin again. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Thank you for your persistence! 

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Even I am facing the same issue. followed the steps and commited the changes many times, still bot is giving me same error

Hi @poojapatilacc, I took a look at your repository and it looks like you were able to make it through the course. If you have any problems still, please let me know. :) 

I am having same issues here aswell. Please could you help me out with it too?

Hi @vik2ree. I’m sorry this is stuck - I’d imagine this is frustrating. I suggest you reset the course. I will open a conversation internally about this to see how we can avoid this bot behavior in the future. 

I’m having the same issue as they had. I can’t use a forward slash in the filename on Windows. What can I do?

Hi there, @distinguishedthing if you’re working on the web interface for, you should still be able to use the forwardslash, /, to rename files. This timeless blog post should explain how to do it. 

hi there, i am having the same issue. are you able to help me with this?