Name Squatting Policy

I was trying to create an organization, but then found out an account was holding the name I wanted to use with no visible activity in their profile page. After browsing through GitHub’s site policy, I came across this page which said name squatting was prohibited, I tried to report the user from earlier in hopes I’d be able to get the name.

However, it isn’t letting me report them.

I’m sure there is a reason why it isn’t letting me report them, but it isn’t immediately clear from the page linked there (which is the same page I linked above) why. Does the user have private activity that I’m just not seeing? What’s going on?

Hi @lunabunn :wave:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is not immediately clear as to the specific thing that is not working. Is the send request button available to be clicked?

Are you able to try again in a different browser?
Sometimes browser extensions cause unforeseen issues. Please disable all extensions and try again.

I tried doing the same and came to the same conclusion that there is no way to send a message to support.

Using both Chrome and Edge. The “Send request” button is greyed out.

As per daned33’s comment above, the send request button is disabled (grayed out) and does nothing on click. I’ve tried on multiple browsers including Edge, FF, Chrome, and Android Chrome.

Hi @lunabunn and @daned33 !

Thanks for reaching out with more information here. This particular request requires using the Support Contact. However, if you are on a Free account, you will not have access to this contact method.

I am looking into how you two can get further help here.
Thanks for your patience.


Hi Ernest!

Thanks for checking this out.

I did make a ticket a week ago but seems like your support ticket times are quite long for free accounts. #1141309 is the ticket if that helps at all.

But thanks again for looking for us :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:

Your ticket has made it to the right place. This isn’t a free user problem in regards to wait times. Unfortunately, our team has a lot of Support emails to get through including requests like these. They handle them in the order in which they were received.

I know it isn’t fun waiting, but someone will reply to your request as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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Ah, no worries, hopefully updating the ticket doesn’t send it to the back of the line :sweat_smile:

I’m more than happy to wait. As long as at some point in time it gets looked at :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your help anywho! Good luck with the load and hopefully it eases up soon!


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Hey, I have the exact same problem. I wrote to Github support but haven’t gotten a response for nearly a month now. I just wanted to ask if the ticket may have gone missing?
Kind regards

Can you tell me how to contact github for this issue?