\n or n// FreeCodeCamp File Download Issues

When I download my solutions to FreeCodeCamp, it gives me a .json file that is way off on formatting. It has \n and n// to begin new lines, and all the code is on the same line. I want the solutions to be in the same format as if I were to take the text from the terminal and place it into a wordpad file. 

Is there any way to fix this. Or program that recognizes the \n and n// as line iterations or whatever. If you are unsure what I am conveying. Open a FreeCodeCamp assignment, complete it, then download it and open the downloaded file with a text editor and you will see it is virtually useless to put back into the assignment. 

Thank you for your time, appreciate any resolutions. 

My preferred editor is Notepad++ partly because it copes with linefeed variations and lets me covert between them. The syntax highlighting for JSON and other languages is very helpful. Oh yeah - it’s free!

Plain vanilla Notepad is supposed to handle line feeds “Real Soon Now” but is only available in the latest Windows Insider build …