MySQL on Virtual Server error Sha2 authentication

I created a separate Virtual Machine with Windows Server 2012 R2 installed and configured. I also installed MySQL package, together with .NET Framework and C++ Redistributable 2012, which MySQL install required.

Now a problem occurs when I try to start MySQL WorkBench, as well as when I try to use Fluent Migrator plug-in, in order to migrate a database.

The error message I’m getting when trying to start MySQL Workbench is: Authentication plugin ‘cashing_sha2_password’ error. Authentication requires secure connection.

The error message I’m getting when trying to use Fluent Migrator is: Client does not support authentication protocol by server: consider upgrading MySQL client.

After some experimenting, I was able to start MySQL Workbench by going to Database -> Manage Connections -> and storing the password in a secured vault. That worked. But I’m still not able to run Fluent Migrator successfully, the same error message appears.

How can I fix this, so I can run Fluent Migrator without errors and migrate database sucessfully?