MYSQL: configuring secure-file-priv

I am new to sql, and programming in general. I am using a MacOS x Big Sur (version 11.5.2) and using Mysqlworkbench. I’m trying to use the LOAD DATA INFILE command to load data from a .csv into workbench, but I get Error Code: 1290. The MySQL server is running with the --secure-file-priv option so it cannot execute this statement

Currently, secure_file_priv is set to NULL; I checked using the show variables like statement.

I first attempted to change it to ‘’ with set secure_file_priv = ‘’ in which I get Error Code: 1238. Variable ‘secure_file_priv’ is a read only variable

I’ve read some possible answers here which includes changing the my.cnf file, but I don’t know what that is, let alone know how to access it or what to use to edit it. I also tried to change the secure_file_priv through Administration > Status and System Variables, but got You need (at least one of) the SUPER or SYSTEM_VARIABLES_ADMIN privilege(s) for this operation. and after that I am out of ideas.

Any possible solutions will be appreciated, thanks in advance!