My user name end with a dash

Hi Everyone,

I have an issue when trying to push an image to (this will be the same for all other registry).

Here is the issue:

invalid tag "": invalid reference format

I looked in an issue in the docker/build-push-action project: docker/build-push-action/issues/237
Like you can read in the feed, there is maybe a problem with my username because it end with a dash ‘A name component may not start or end with a separator

Do you have some idea to fix this issue ?

Best regards,

Hi @Juu - The spec is correct and we don’t support the underscore in order to stay compliant with the spec. My guidance to you, especially since you don’t have any containers published yet, is to rename your handle (if that’s an option).

Hi @whitneyimura,

Thanks for your reply !

Changed my username yesterday. A little bit hard to refractor all where that was mentioned but it’s done now.

Thank you,