My repository has been "stolen"

I have no idea where to put that topic, but anyway, back to the question.

What can I do if my repository has been stolen? It’s not been forked , literally stolen. Re-uploaded. I didn’t know about that until today. I’ve set my repoisotyr as private long time ago, but this one is up, and it has an active fork of it. I have no way to contact the person who has copy of it, but I dont feel okay with my code being published by other person as “theirs” (well, not being a fork + not saying anywhere that they re-uploaded it means something).

Again, I have no idea in which category it should be posted. Thanks for any advices.

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Hey, sorry to hear that your repository has been re-uploaded without your permission! I feel that you should file a DMCA Takedown Notice on the repository if you feel it should be taken down by GitHub. Also, before you submit a takedown notice on the repository, please read the guide to submitting a takedown notice provided by  GitHub!

Hope this helps and your issue is resolved!

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If the repo has issues enabled, you can post an issue to complain. Or you can issue a trivial pull request to the repo, again with the sole purpose to complain.

But, as implied, someone who re-uploads a repo without credit or mention of the “original” is most likely not going to respond to any complaints.