My Repositories GH-Pages site doesnt exist... even though i set it up and have an index.html file

i am preparing for the first release of my repository FreeFall and couldnt figure out how to set up a GH Pages site for it. i found a tutorial and told the little quiz to tailor the tutorial to your needs, and told that i already wrote code, i am looking for a project pages tutorial, and that my code is on github already. it then instructed me to create a branch called gh-pages and make the index.html file. you can see for yourself what the result is if you click on the documentation link in the repo. (sorry, it gave me an error saying that i could only put 2 links in a post)

without a link to the repository and its website it would be hard to help you.

here is my repository, and my website. i did put in a link to my repository on the last post on the word “freefall” but i couldnt include a link to the repositories website because i had a limit of 2 links and i had linked to the repo and the tutorial i followed, but i mention the link to the website was in the repo.

Still not working the links. Either there’s a problem with the markdown or you’re still under some sort of restriction.

Can you post the plain links, without markdown formatting?

here are the plain links:

OK, this is a static HTML website. So here’s my advice:

In the GHPages settings for the repository, choose to serve the website directly from main branch (forget about the gh-pages branch, no need for that).

Also, add an empty file named .nojekyll (with the beginning dot!) in the root of your repository — this serves to disable Jekyll, the default markdown-based CMS, which you don’t need since it’s a static HTML website.

Commit changes and push, and wait for a while for effects to take place (up to half hour sometimes, although most of the time the changes are immediate).

Just remember that if you make too many commits within a an hour, or a certain day, the website won’t be updated until a certain amount of time has passed (max 24h, more or less). The reasoning is that if you’re committing often you’re actively developing, so updates are more sporadic to spare resources.

@ShortsKing , you are using gh-pages but your would-be site is located on docs folder, so you are really confused how to create a page using GitHub Page,

check this out,

sorry, the original question is outdated. i read further into the jekyll documentation and figured it out, but i cant seem to close the topic. thanks for trying to help though!

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