My project program.cs was deleted! (visual C#)

My project program.cs was deleted! (visual C#)

I have gone through the commit history of your repository  At no point did I see a commit of your Eproj.csproj file or your program.cs file.

You cannot restore what you haven’t backed up.

With Visual Studio, you can use the “New” menu, “Create project from existing code”, to create a project from the code files that you still have on your hard drive. Doing so will not create a program.cs file (much less one which does what you want) so you’ll want to start from scratch with a new program.cs file first.

Since, according to the issues in your repo, you seem to be having problems using Github (rather than C# specific issues) you might want to post to the “How to use Github” forum.

For future reference, it would be helpful to everyone in this forum if you stated your problem clearly and provide a link to any relevant details. I needed to hunt down your repository and found your issue with some more details before I could post this reply.