My project on github pages is not showing on mobile browser (404 error)

Hi everyone! So it was my first time messing with github pages today. I made a small react app today to learn some stuff and tried host it on github pages. It works perfectly when i try access the site on my laptop. However when i try access it on mobile the site doesnt seem to exist? Have i got some sort of weird error or do i have to add something to my code to support mobile ? (the app isnt at all optomized for mobile i just wanted to see if i could see it on my phone).

Here is the link

I appreciate any advice :slight_smile:

Hi @aaroncur,

I just tried this on my iPhone in Chrome and Safari browsers and it came up just fine on both. Are you still experienicing this problem on your end? If so, can you share which browser you’re using on your phone? Thanks!

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Hi Nadia!
Thank you for testing. Thankfully it’s working now. Just took a while to appear on mobile :slight_smile:

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@aaroncur Just to let you know, it seems that your web is showing 404 on my iPhone today, just now

@aaroncur how were you able to make it through?