My project is gone! Can anyone offer some solution or help here

A great tragedy happened :sob: :sob: :sob: I’ve spent months to write a project and it’s my first time to use vscode to push it to github. After I finish the project and use vscode to push them to github, I found it’s in master branch instead of main branch so I delete the master branch. Somehow later when I want to push the project to github again I found python files under my root folder in my local PC are gone! And many others have transformed into .pyc files somehow. WTF happened? I devote so much time and energy into this and why would this happen? I’ve already sent a request to github but I wonder if anyone has come into this problem and can offer some suggestion or help to me cause it’s imaginable for me to rewrite all those codes I spend months in :sob: :sob: :sob:

Well I’ve calm down and check my local project more more more carefully. And the problems is that all my python files have changed to .pyc files under newly created (not be me) __pycache__ folder. How can I find them back, but my md files I spend so long writing is still gone…

I’ve calm down more. And I’ve restored the branch on my local PC according to this blog. Gosh how panic I just got. I value my code more.