My profile is not included in project's contributors list

I have made a contribution to project dotnet/fsharp

However I am not included in project’s contributors list.
I have checked all possible reasons in documentation and in different forums and have not found out the reason: it is a normal (non-merge) commit to the default branch and it was done with proper email included into my profile.

Please help to make my profile visible in the contributors list.
Thank you.

Hi @GennadyGS

I saw the repository and I can confirm that you are not in the list of contributions, but you are in the pulse overview Pulse · dotnet/fsharp · GitHub so maybe this thing need some days to update the contributions list. Another thing that I noticed is that in the list of contributions the minimum number of commit per contributor is 2, I dont know if is something or not.

Hi @Wabri

Thank you for your answer.

Please notice that my commit is now already 6 days old and I see contributors in list with 1 commit and more later than mine:

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