My PC crashed and now I can't access to any branches in git bash

I lost power at my house and my PC turned off, I turned it on the next day and now I don’t see any branches in my directory, I used git init but in an incorrect directory (/c/Users/Breiner), I used rm -rf .git and now I can’t use any git commands, it just has this output for everything fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
note: I can only use ls, cd, pwd…

Hi @breinex! Thanks so much for reaching out. Sounds like you got a classic case of busted git. =)

There’s a SO post:

…that goes over what you’ll want to review, before you can get your commands to work again.

There are a number of things here that might be helpful. I’d say, give that a once over, and report back if you continue to have any issues.